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Welcome khổng lồ Yiwuyuan store,I hope you have a good shopping.Product mô tả tìm kiếm :1.Easy lớn use và addictive bức xúc relief toys that you can easily put in your pocket và take with you.2.Featured with smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons, better joysticks and buttons, clear click and mute buttons3.Help yourself concentrate: Suitable for people with attention deficit/ADHD, as well as students, office workers và everyday entertainment.4. Unlike many other căng thẳng releasing balls, they are highly tear resistant and do not rupture 5. Relieves stress & focuses: Great for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism or anxiety, perfect for students, office workers and everyday fiddling6.Unique keychain featuring silicone accessory buttons; endless hours of irritability!7. Irritated fingers can"t put it down! The mini video clip can be easily attached lớn keys, wallets, backpacks8.Very suitable for adults over 3 years old; the buttons are made of 100% silicone; the frame is made of high-quality ABS plastic9.Encourage tactile stimulation, calmness, and concentration; simple joy that is irresistible!10.An easy-to-use and addictive stress-relieving toy, you can easily put it in your pocket & carry it with you.Feature:Material: Plastic ABS + Siliconesize: 8*8*1cmColor:as picturePackage Content:1×Decompression Toy

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