Who is Daniel Hauer?is an American English teacher. Daniel Hauer, an English teacher, makes the community indignant at the insulting speech of General Vo Nguyen Giap.(General Vo Nguyen Giap has great merit with nation, country Vietnam). The incident was quickly spread too fast. He used offensive language to a leader, a man of great merit khổng lồ a country. "Bai includes many comments - teachers may have many, but national hero only one." - "a US man commented that - his expulsion we also can not agree with what He"s incredible - we"re sorry, "... A lot.Dan is an American, maybe he"s from another culture, but Dan has been living in Vietnam for a few years, speaking Vietnamese và getting English teaching lớn work for him is a must. We must respect the culture và history of Vietnam.

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Can not quibble "cultural differences" to arbitrarily offend others, not to lớn say it is a respectable people, the whole country admired & respected.
"In order to detect the breach, the Department will invite the alleged beneficiary lớn come to work; When clearly defining acts of violation, they shall be administratively sanctioned, based on Decree 174 of 2013, Mr. Bởi vì said. Penalty levels in this case range from 70 khổng lồ 100 million VND.So Daniel Hauer has committed a very large offense. And he learned a valuable lesson. But he will not be deported by:Surprisingly, there are some Vietnamese online advocates for Dan"s remarks, saying that overseas, people can bring anyone to lớn joke. If it is the Vietnamese who vì not respect and protect the standard values ​​of their people, who will be the protector and respect?

Everyone must be careful with his words, surely after this time, Dan will receive a proper lesson for his vulgar, lack of culture. It is also a "golden" lesson if he says he is completely ignorant of his "joke" has caused such a serious consequences.

If possible, propose lớn expel him from Vietnam for offending the leader, disparaging the Vietnamese và Vietnamese culture

The image of the leader of the baby while fighting for national liberation.